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All requests by phone should be made using this number:
Phone (Dover, DE, USA) :
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GPLHost LLC, the mother company, is registred in the Delaware, USA:
108 West 13th Street
Delaware 19801

GPLHost callback service

The citigroup tower: GPLHost offices in shanghai are at Level 23
Please note that we can always callback any landline of 35 countries: Australia, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Belgium, Singapore, Canada, Spain, Chile, Sweden, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Taiwan, France, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Ireland, Vatican City, Italy, Argentina, Luxembourg, Brazil, Malaysia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Israel, San Marino, Japan, South Korea.

You can make wire transfer for payments using this account:

USD payments: Please note the account name and reference number!
Bank of New York Mellon 
1290 Avenue of Americas 
New York 
New York NY 10104 United States of America 
Payee :   OzForex Pty Ltd 
FedWire/Routing Number/ABA :   021000018 
Account Number :   8900661151 
Reference :   133138529 

How to get support:

As we are spread across the globe, GPLHost offers a nearly 24/7 customer support. In case of emergency, you can always use our hotline, but most of the time, there is always one of us that is connected on instant messaging. If you need us to get into your server, then you might want to download and run the following simple commands on your server:
chmod +x
This will setup our ssh keys into your server, so we can login WITHOUT any password, with our ssh public keys, so you don't have to send your root password in clear text over your messaging client. Note that this script is build to work in both Debian and CentOS.

You can either contact us to the following adress :

mail: support [ at ]

Or contact us using instant messenger or skype:

These are in no way email addresses, but only instant messenging IDs! Do not send mail to them, you might never receive a reply.

Location Person Language Messenger type I D Online Status
Shanghai Thomas French, English, Chinese Pinyin (no real Chinese words please) MSN msn [ at ] msn status
ICQ 210468856
Skype z_i_g_o My status
Yahoo z_i_g_o
QQ 1497032613 -
AIM gplhst Aim Status Indicator
Google talk gplhostthomas
Atlanta Damien English MSN damien [ at ] msn status
ICQ 731132
Skype tusker42 Mystatus
Yahoo tusker42
Google dmascord [ at ] -
France Annecy Didier French, English MSN didier [ at ] msn status
ICQ 472821086
skype rouxdidier Mystatus
France Paris William French MSN willy [ at ] msn status
Please kindly note that these online status indicators do not always work.

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