Testimonials of DTC users
We know technology
All our customer have specific needs, and most of the time big web sites require tuning and customization. We have experts to do this for you, and we can even create the website. Jump to our partner database, which is full of good graphists and coders whose creativity is at your service.
A.T.Web di Franceschini Luca & C.
The best GPL hosting administration panel!!! We use in our servers!
Logical Arts
We are using DTC for our ftp hosting division. Nice interface and easy to integrate without the need to re-build your current server.
I use DTC to administrate 200 domains, and it works wonderfully !!!
We have found that DTC is stable and flexible. We suggest it to new clients.
Shocksite, Bernard Sfez
Frankly i wonder if there is someone else in the world that have set his own apache server without knowing anything about Linux. In 15 days i was able to offer my customers hosting services all this with a nice interface and a MOUSE (not a ugly black/white screen !). Thanks to DTC and the helpfull dev team, it is working and i still don't know a lot about "how it works" but... who cares as long as the work is done, and done well !
DTC - the best hosting panel !
Dylan Baxter, BugEye Multimedia Web Hosting
This system has been so easy to install, integrate and modify! Expect contributions from myself and our dev team!
Mewshi Web Design and Graphics
Seriously, this is the absolute of excellence. Best hosting value I've found to date. Great service, great network, great price. What's not to love about it?
@seeb.pl ISP
Great work and translation to polish ;)
Lindsey Simon, Dishola
gplhost has given me complete control of a powerful server, just like a colo but with a cost I can afford for my startup project. The personal and incredible support is above and beyond what I expected. I feel like my backend and bandwidth can easily scale with my business over time. I would recommend this setup to anyone!
LaBestiole.Net - Cali
Dtc is a really great hosting panel, who let me have a complete control of my servers with all the custom code i would have on theyre one. Try it is the best way to adopt it.
StOgame Inc.
Very great hosting panel. StOgame move all from Cpanel to DTC, and increase productivity and decrease lamering and exploit. Very good
@seeb.pl ISP
Splendid work therefore we joined the project. We are looking Polish translations after. Opiekujemy się polskimi tłumaczeniami. Wszelkie uwagi proszę kierować pod adres biuro[małpa]seeb.net.pl
Pinguins TI
I adore DTC!
Netzen Solutions ltd
Netzen have used GPLHost for the last 3 years and they have provided us with a first class service, excellent support and details of any planned maintance or downtime in advance. Technical support has been the best I have ever had from a hosting company, going out of their way to support us.

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