Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Xen Hosting Services
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Call back and chat support
If you want to to discuss your hosting need, or simply because you want us to open an account over the phone, we can call you back at any time in 35 major countries. Just fill out the form... or add our IDs into your IM application.
Unique control panel
Our VPS Hosting control panel is the only solution that has reached major UNIX distribution like Debian or Ubuntu. Since the 14 Feb. 2008, Debian Lenny has been released as the new stable distribution, and it includes our DTC and DTC-Xen software.
Instant Account Activation
Don't wait for somebody to manually setup your VPS. Our solution is fully automated. As soon as you have paid for your VPS hosting, our scripts start and setup your VPS instantly, thanks to our instant account activation feature.
Pay as you go
There is no recurring payment system here. We do not record your credit card information, and we do not use recurring billing, you just pay when you receive a renewal reminder, for the period you choose.

VPS Hosting: choose location

Because ping time does mater, and because you want to host your server as close as possible from your target public, with GPLHost, you can choose between 10 different points of presence.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Singapore Atlanta, GA, USA Seattle, WA, USA Haifa, Israel Sydney, Australia London, UK Paris, France Barcelona, Spain Zurich, Switzerland Please click on the city where you want to host.

Because of European tax laws, GPLHost UK LTD. is the entity you will deal with when operating in Europe, you will be billed in Euros, and you might be subject to paying VAT. Also, our VPS in Australia have special prices for the data transfer rate. For these reasons, we ask our customers to click on the below map to decide where to host their servers or web sites.