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Xen VPS servers
We provide xen hosting on our hight end servers, on which we provide our open source control panel with free setup and support on instant messenging (MSN, Yahoo, Skype, ICQ & AIM). These are available in many countries places Singapore, Australia, USA (California and Florida), Paris, London, Barcelona, Israel, etc.
Dedicated servers

Find out how to get one of the best dedicated server hosting services available on the market. Have a 160GBytes transfer per month server for only $90 a month !
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Shared hosting
Shared hosting service with certified bandwidth, your own IP addresses + SSL + CERT for the same site hosted on both sides of the ocean : YES ! GPL.Host makes it possible for less than $5.5/month !
Project sponsored by GPLHost and iGlobalNetworks.

9. Competitors
DTC does not fear competition, so we don't care providing links to our competitors. DTC is original enough, and brings unprecedented features like realtime bandwith monitoring, backup NS & MX between panels, mailing lists, package installer, totaly automated and easy install under debian, many translations, etc... Many smaller project don't have all those features, but some are nice enough to be listed, especialy Web-cp and VHCS that are to be considered competitors.

Open source projects:

SysCP, Web-cp: Very good!
VHCS: Project stopped by it's main author after some bad security issues handling, a rewrite from scratch has started by some of the contributors, but nothing is out yet.
Ezadmin: Very good!
ASM, ISP-Config & GNU Hosting helper Not enough functionnalities. Seems to be projects just started.
AlternC Dev seems to be stoped on this very old project
ISPMan Too hard and too long to install, need many computers to have a working setup

Commercial control panels

Many commercial control panels are not even as good as some open source solutions. We heard many bad comments about them, so you'd better test GPL software for free before you search to pay for something that wont fit.

We already have some returns about users that switched from commercial solutions to our software and that are very happy of the move.

EuroVPS talking about cPanel (seen on webhosting talk public board):

EuroVPS will not provide cPanel, until some rather serious bugs in the software are worked out. Just under 90% of our support time is spent diagnosing cPanel specific issues, and we simply cannot continue to do so.

I created a test VPS with cPanel, RedHat 9, installed cPanel, did not work straight out of the box. Other issues I and my engineers have experienced are:

* 2087 not working on brand new install
* Bind not even installed at all
* Apache missing
* Exim missing
* Various combinations of the above

The bottom line is that we cannot spend all our time figuring out what is wrong with cPanel autoinstaller scripts, etc. We have a large customer base to support, and until cPanel is working properly without *any* bugs, we will no longer offer it.

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