MySQmail MTA to MySQL traffic logger
Why would only web servers have usage stats ?
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2005-05-12 : MySQMail-courier-logger was crashing in some cases when syslog sent small lines to the courier FIFO. It was due to a lack of input checking. This has been corrected and tested on production servers with high traffic.
2005-03-07 : NEW! Debian binary packages are now available in the FTP.

4. MySQmail config file
In order to read the /etc/mysqmail.conf config file, all the MySQmail binaries uses libdotconf. This is a small, but very efficient library. It' is perfect for reading one program config file, and I encourage all developers to use it. Its available for all Unix variants and is compatible with config files like apache's httpd.conf.
MySQmail has been written using libdotconf 1.0.9, with its config files directive set as case insensitive.
No need to explain the content of this config file, I suppose you know what a mysql login/password is. By the way, if you are using Debian, then debconf will ask you the db infos and the meta package mysqmail will write the config file for you.