MySQmail MTA to MySQL traffic logger
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2005-05-12 : MySQMail-courier-logger was crashing in some cases when syslog sent small lines to the courier FIFO. It was due to a lack of input checking. This has been corrected and tested on production servers with high traffic.
2005-03-07 : NEW! Debian binary packages are now available in the FTP.

5. MySQmail installation
If you have a debian system, then here is what you should add to your /etc/apt/source.list :

deb stable main
It's currently not in GPLHost main repository because the package is currently not fully tested.
Then you can apt-get any of the 5 mysqmail packages like this :

apt-get install mysqmail-courier-logger mysqmail-qmail-pop3d mysqmail-qmail-looger

Then, if you want to use mysqmail-qmail-pop3d, you have to edit your qmail start file so it uses the new programs for pop3.
Here is what I have on my debian machine. Note that this may differ on some other system, especially if you are using the svscan (daemontools) stuff, but its a good example to start with.
sh -c "start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --user root \
       --exec /usr/bin/tcpserver -- -R -H \ 
       0 pop-3 /usr/sbin/qmail-popup `hostname` \
       /usr/sbin/mysqmail-checkpwd /usr/sbin/qmail-pop3d Maildir &"