MySQmail MTA to MySQL traffic logger
Why would only web servers have usage stats ?
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2005-05-12 : MySQMail-courier-logger was crashing in some cases when syslog sent small lines to the courier FIFO. It was due to a lack of input checking. This has been corrected and tested on production servers with high traffic.
2005-03-07 : NEW! Debian binary packages are now available in the FTP.

8. Credit
First code and patch plus current debian packaging done by Thomas GOIRAND : thomas [ at ]
Postfix and courier logger, daemonisation and many improovement by Damien Mascord : tusker [ at ]
Mysql password check code was written reading the code from Jedi's alternative checklocalpwd program. Thanks to him for that good example and useful auth. Mysql logger was written from scratch.

Message to DJB :
On next version, please add login & traffic log to your pop3d. Please include all the good ideas other developers have add to your software and release a toaster with more options. Why don't you release something with all options (relay control, SSL, password auths, spam prevention, etc) BUT configurable with some simple config files? Nobody uses stock qmail anymore, and there are pleny of enhancement available.