Debian package and FreeBSD port for sbox-dtc
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sbox: Put CGI Scripts in a Box

1. Abstract
sbox is a CGI wrapper script that allows Web site hosting services to safely grant CGI authoring privileges to untrusted clients.
In addition to changing the process privileges of client scripts to match their owners, it goes beyond other wrappers by placing configurable ceilings on script resource usage, avoiding unintentional (as well as intentional) denial of service attacks. It also optionally allows the Webmaster to place client's CGI scripts in a chroot'ed shell restricted to the author's home directories.
Sbox is compatible with all Web servers running under BSD-derived flavors of Unix. You can use and redistribute it freely.
You can have a look at Stein Laboratory's page for more information about sbox.
But that's not it! Since 2011, SBOX can be used to do the chroot of absolutely all of your scripts. For example, you can use GPLHost fork of SBOX to execute some Python or PHP scripts in the chroot of your virtual host. This way, even if your hosting customers are using nasty old PHP software full of security issues, the problems will be contained in their virtual host only.

Also, it's now possible to fine-tune the configuration on a per-vhost basis. This means that you can decide to increase the memory foot-print of a given site, while still having more strict policy for the others.