Debian package and FreeBSD port for sbox-dtc
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sbox: Put CGI Scripts in a Box

1. What is DTC ?


For the full changelog, please see: our Git-web at:;a=summary


GPLHost is happy to announce that the FreeBSD sbox-dtc port has been included in FreeBSD port tree as you can see in the sendpr remort here: send-pr report 76926 Thanks to vs [ at ] who take care of the port verifications. The release number is now set to 2 in order to keep BSD size and md5 sum correct, but THIS IS THE SAME version for the moment. Message to Debian guys: please do something like the send-pr stuff, it realy works well and ports are added and maintained correctly. It's currently a pain to try to enter Debian packaging system. If you are a member of Debian team, please contact us to be advocate or to upload the package.


Modified a bit the BSD port so we don't need patch files anymore (thanks to vs [ at ] it's now a shorter and more clean port.


Added FreeBSD port packaging and repository.