Debian package and FreeBSD port for sbox-dtc
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sbox: Put CGI Scripts in a Box

  • - Original source code: Lincoln D. Stien (lstein [ at ]
  • - DTC patch: Damien Mascord (tusker [ at ]
  • - BSD and Debian Packaging and minor corrective patch: Thomas Goirand (thomas [ at ]
  • - libdotconf support instead of the sbox.h, review of the environment cleanup, support for chrooted interpreted scripts (with configurable path of the interpreter): Thomas Goirand (thomas [ at ]
NEW!!! This new release (1.07-R1) comes with a FreeBSD port, so it's now possible to include SBOX in any other project's dependancy. Process is on the way to have SBOX included in FreeBSD port tree.