Openstack Havana is out
For this release again, GPLHost team managed to do Debian packages for OpenStack. You can checkout the announcement on the developer mailing list..
DTC 0.38.x for Wheezy is out
With a bit of delay, GPLHost brings you a new version of DTC which supports Debian 7.0 (Wheezy).
Openstack Grizzly is out
The latest version of Openstack (version 2013.1, code name Grizzly) is out. GPLHost is proud to provide Debian packages for it. Full details available from here.
Why choose GPLHost?
messenger support Messenger, and phone support
call back service Call back service to 35 countries
hosting price comparaison list Fair prices based on traffic
web hosting control panel Unique control panel
automatic installer Automatic installater (phpBB, phpNuke, osCommerce, Drupal...)
Free DNS & MX backup service
Antivirus + spam quarantine
Real time bandwidth monitoring
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Team reinforcement

We are excited to announce that we have added four new members to our team at GPLHost.

As of 1st August, 2015, the newly created team has added to our operations team, and have already improved services, dealt swiftly and promptly with customer concerns, and established new business opportunities.

Members of our existing team, such as Damien Mascord and Don Gould are still very much with the team to ensure continued continuity of understanding about the network and your systems.

Our new team are all GPL software experts and are as committed to the ongoing development of global GPL software solutions as we always have been.

Our new team members are:
  • Thomas Breton

    "Tom" is 39 years old, married and passionate about global IT. He is a graduate from the Amiens University with a Masters degree in Computer Science (Master MIAGE). He studied with Thomas Goirand (GPLHost founder) in 1997 in the school for computers where they become friends.
    Tom has an extensive IT skill set having worked as IT instructor during ten years and is certified on Cisco, RedHat, Novell, Microsoft, VMware and other systems. In 2008, Tom created his own «GPL flavoured software company» which he called GPLExpert, to focus on delivery of open source products and solutions to business clients.
    His key strengths are in open source, development, information system architecture, project and team management.

    Tom is fluent in both French and English.

  • Gregory Rochette

    "Greg" is 27 years old and a graduated from the Engineering School INSIA, Paris. His passion is IT engineering specializing in Open Source architecture, Cloud, Virtualization and storage technologies.
    Since 2008, he has worked closely with Tom as IT Architect for developing complex Information System for Large Business accounts at GPLExpert. He is involved in the Open Source community and has a strong desire to develop GPLHost to become the leading company in Open Source hosting and more.

    Greg is also fluent in French and English.

  • Philippe Sallet

    Phil is 39 years old and has worked with Tom as IT instructor for 7 years (certified on RedHat, Micrososft, VMware, PHP, and other systems) before joining him in his company (GPLExpert) in 2010, as IT engineer / IT architect. Also skilled in open source, development, information system architectures, Phil is the joint creator of H-Inventory with Tom. H-Inventory is an open source project.

    Phil is also fluent in both French and English.

  • Nicolas de Brou

    Nicolas is 40 years old and has worked as Hosting manager in multiple companies over the past decade.
    Skilled in data-center management, WAN and LAN network design and management as well as financial management, Nicolas is also passionate about GPL software. As IT engineer specializing in networks, systems and related technologies, he has worked on cloud systems for many years and is passionate to develop and nurture GPLHost in the cloud computing environment.

    Based in Europe, Nicolas also speaks both French and English.

GPLHost celebrates 10th birthday and launches OpenStack private clouds

The first GPLHost legal entity was created on the 23rd of December 2003 (GPLHost LLC, USA). This means that at this end of the year 2013, GPLHost has reach an amazing 10 years of existence.

A lot has happened during these years. GPLHost was one of the first company to provide virtual private servers, using Xen 2.0.7 at the time. But right now, GPLHost is focussing on the cloud. Indeed, GPLHost is the company that has brought OpenStack packages into the Debian distribution.

Since we believe that OpenStack has matured enough, we are now launching a private cloud service available from all of our global 10 points of presence. If you wish to begin using OpenStack, using the most community focussed distribution (i.e.: Debian), supporting its development, using the service from the experts that are actually doing the packaging work, then get in touch and ask for a custom quote for your next OpenStack cloud.

GPLHost is capable of creating the OpenStack cloud that will fit your needs, using the latest stable version of OpenStack backported to the latest Debian stable release. Scale from 2 dedicated servers up to multiple racks. There is no "one size fit all" for such a system, which is why we will need to discuss with you what will fit your needs in terms of storage (using Swift or Ceph), compute power and networking.

If you feel like you prefer to run OpenStack by yourself and keep a complete freedom, but still need some help, GPLHost is also the right company to ask for technical support on OpenStack. We can bring our expertise from the bottom up: from choosing the data centers, purchasing your hardware for running your cloud, for installing and maintaining the OpenStack cloud software, and even running your application in the cloud.

Open Source Hosting Worldwide: web spaces featuring GPL control panel!

The open source revolution has started in the data center as well. Free yourself from vendor locked-in licenses tyranny and high software costs. Switch to GPLHost: step in and help us contribute to the community.
Get our unsurpassed hosting solutions hosted in any of our 10 points of presence. Have the root on a Xen Virtual Private Server (VPS) using our VPS hosting control panel to manage your Xen VPS (VPS client panel for reboot, reinstallation and billing, server root admin panel inside your instance to manage your sites and mailboxes). We also provide internet reseller hosting service running on our linux dedicated servers and our control panel, so you can use or resell VPSes on your own dedicated server.
multidomain shared web hosting
Shared hosting
We do unlimited multidomain hosting with client control panel access.
Starts at:
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ssl hosting with private ip
HTTPS Hosting / private IP
Your SSL site with your own private IP with dedicated bandwidth to get the maximum server reaction.
Starts at:
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private virtual servers (VPS) hosting
Xen Virtual Private Servers
Our virtual private servers use Xen and come with our GPL control panel pre-installed.
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dedicated servier hosting
Dedicated servers
High end Supermicro dedicated servers with or without DTC control panel or Xen and included management.
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GPLHost:>_ has been successfully serving customers since 2003. We are contributing to the open source effort in building hosting tools, creating a common effort in lowering the costs of hosting. We have base our business in establishing many partnerships with small as well as big companies.
GPLHost do team work with individual programmers coming from different origins who contribute to the coding of our hosting platform, and work with the big actors of the industry. They help us have an efficient support system, along with good connectivity around the world. In each location we provide hosting, we manage to complete on-site hardware maintenance in under one hour, thanks to strong partnerships with experienced companies.
We bring you the best support for this control panel, custom on-demand features, popularity and reliability. Get the service from those who build the software.
GPLHost is the only web hosting company in the world that has released a full control panel in open-source...
...and that makes a world of difference!

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