FAQ - Why is nothing Unlimited?

You won't find the word 'unlimited' on our web site with reference to our products because 'nothing' about the internet is unlimited.  Everything has some kind of limit on it.

A router with ten gigibit ports on it won't always move ten gigibits of data.  What it will move is dependant on lots of different factors, such as the size of the packets you're turning to push through it, how much work we have to do on each packet (ie filters), how much memory the router has, how fast the CPU is in the router, how well our team have programmed the routing rules, how quickly our upsteams can accept the traffic, how fast the server is that is delivering the data in the first place, the list goes on and on and you get the idea.

We use a term like "limited to as many as you want" from time to time.  You might think that this is the same as 'unlimited' because it means you're not limited by us to how many you can have (email accounts might be an example).  But the platfrom you're on has limits and you need to understand that we might present you with an upgraded platform (obviously at a cost) to manage the load you need.

Often in the industry, the term 'unlimited' is used to express that the 'pipe' is only limited to the size of the pipe.  For example "100mbit Fibre with unlimited data" really does have a limit.  There is only so much data that can be moved over a 100mbit connection.  That amount of data is ten times less than '1Gbit Fibre with unlimited data", and so on for 10Ge connections and 40Ge connections... you get the idea.

Some times we also impose a limit to help you to understand the platform that you need to use.  It's true that we can provide 10,000 email accounts on a single shared hosting server, but it's not a good idea.

You want us to set limits as guides to help you to choose the right resourcing for your project to get the best results without compromising your outcomes.