"Colocating one thing is hard and expensive!" says Don Gould, GPLHost technical and sales support - New Zealand.

Being small can be a considerable barrier to entry.  At GPLHost we understand this.  We also understand about he lead time between equipment delivery and your system going production live and the dozens and dozens of other issues that go hand in hand with systems located in data centres.

Our colocation charges start from USD$20 per RU plus power and data costs, so they're very competitive.


Need equipment in a hurry or just assistance to get the right platform for your project?  We can source new and second hand equipment at most of our locations.


We have a pool of shared bandwidth at all our locations but we can also provision committed resources to meet your needs.

IP Resources

We have geocoded IP ranges at all our sites and we can sell you capacity from a /32 (single IP) to a whole /24 or more depending on your individual requirements.

Peering and BGP

We can anounce your IP space from our locations.  We can also stand up other locations in each region to ensure data paths that suit your requirements.

Talk to Us About Your Plan

Make contact with us today to discuss how we can stand up resources that meet your needs at one or more of our global data spaces.