New to the VPS world

Shared, Virtual or Dedicated?

 Shared hosting is fantastic for stuff that you want to stand up fast while keeping it low cost!

 With shared hosting you do have to remember that you’re at the murcy of the resource being shared with everyone else, it’s not as secure as having your own resource and you ‘get what we give you’.

 Virtual Private Servers mean that you have more security over your data, your systems can be back up in a more robust way, more often, and you can have much greater control over the platform you have.  For example if you need a specific version of PHP for a web application, then you can have it. 

 Dedicated servers mean you get complete control over your platform.  In many cases, you will still ‘virtualise’ your own server but you will have control to know that other customers are not impacting your site performance due to their visitors.